Only Member : frostfall as guitar, bass , keyboard, demonics vocals.

1995-1996Bass player of a bad death metal band called "necrophily". Split after one gig.
1996-1997With TROM the guitar player of necrophily on vocals, recording of the first demo of frostfall. I Have still the tape, but can't remember the title. It's black metal melodic with very bad sound.
1997-1998Recording of "With fiends behind us". The sound is still bad but the musics are better than before.
1998-1999Recording of Dark Torments. Very depressive and furious black metal with some acoustic guitar parts on some tracks.
1999-2000Recording of Beyond the dusk. With more keyboard parts, still cold black metal with frenetic speed
2000-2001Recording of In flames...In the pain. I've changed the sound of my guitar to a harsher one. Very brutal album with less keyboard
2001-2002Recording of the first published frostfall demo, Spirit of the sepulchre. Distributed by the Frozen guild. Back to more keyboard for a tormented music , fast brutal with a lot of small intro - outro. Entered the band grimlord as Vocals / Bass Player
2002-2003Recording of The shadow of the defunct.
2003-2007Worked on grimlord and others stuff.
2007-Recording of new materials.